Brief Bio

Stacie Hibino

Maker | Learner | Hacker
Traveller | Volunteer

Since July 2018, I have been on sabbatical, working on various personal projects, doing a little traveling and spending some time thinking about what I'd like to do next in my professional journey. From February 2017 to June 2018, I was the Acting Director for the Customer Experience Lab ("CX Lab"), previously known as the Visual Displays UX Lab) at Samsung Research America (SRA), and also known as the Experience Innovation Lab ("XI Lab") of Samsung Electronics America (SEA), from January to June 2018. Our lab focused on commercialization and concept development of future products and services for Samsung in the displays / TV, audio and home entertainment product space, including IoT. I worked for Samsung for over seven years. Prior to working for the CX / XI Lab, I was Technical Director for the Smart Things Innovation Lab of SRA.

About my picture: this is a selfie of me ziplining in Hawaii. I like to use this picture in my bio as it represents my work philosophy when thinking about future products -- be adventurous, have fun, but don't be reckless (note the helmet, and I was safely strapped in as well!).