Patents and Papers

Though I currently write more patents than papers these days, the papers related to my PhD thesis still get downloaded on a regular basis. So, I am including most of my papers here, for easy access to those who are looking for them.


1 9,858,504 Full-Text Method of selecting important digital images
2 9,579,577 Full-Text Electronic system with challenge mechanism and method of operation thereof
3 9,545,221 Full-Text Electronic system with dynamic localization mechanism and method of operation thereof
4 9,524,489 Full-Text Computing system with task transfer mechanism and method of operation thereof
5 9,179,243 Full-Text Device communication system with proximity synchronization mechanism and method of operation thereof
6 9,009,163 Full-Text Lazy evaluation of semantic indexing
7 8,774,528 Full-Text Method of selecting important digital images
8 8,386,920 Full-Text Method and apparatus for data visualization
9 8,315,463 Full-Text User interface for face recognition
10 8,219,513 Full-Text System and method for generating a context enhanced work of communication
11 8,122,356 Full-Text Method for image animation using image value rules
12 8,024,311 Full-Text Identifying media assets from contextual information
13 8,019,155 Full-Text Digital object information via category-based histograms
14 6,701,294 Full-Text User interface for translating natural language inquiries into database queries and data presentations

Publications (Conferences, Book Chapters, and Journals, etc.)

Mayank Goel, Brendan Lee, Md. Tanvir Islam Aumi, Shwetak Patel, Gaetano Borriello, Stacie Hibino, and Bo Begole. 2014. SurfaceLink: using inertial and acoustic sensing to enable multi-device interaction on a surface. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 1387-1396. DOI: (pdf, video)

Mark D. Wood, Alexander Loui, and Stacie Hibino. 2010. Searching consumer image collections using web-based concept expansion. In Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management (CIKM ’10). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 679-688. DOI= (pdf)

Stacie Hibino and Mark D. Wood. 2009. Event-centric View of Consumer Image Collections. 2009 11th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, San Diego, CA, 207-212. DOI= (pdf)

Jiajian Chen and Stacie Hibino. 2008. Reminiscing View: Event-Based Browsing of Consumer’s Photo and Video-Clip Collections. 2008 Tenth IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, Berkeley, CA, 23-30. DOI= (pdf)

Stacie Hibino, Alex Loui, Mark D. Wood, Samuel Fryer and Cathleen D. Cerosaletti. 2008. Semantics Meets UX: Mediating Intelligent Indexing of Consumers’ Multimedia Collections for Multifaceted Visualization and Media Creation. 2008 Tenth IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, Berkeley, CA, 9-14. DOI= (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Mockus, A. (2002). “handimessenger: Awareness-Enhanced Universal Communication for Mobile Users,” Mobile HCI 2002 Conference Proceedings. Springer-Verlag, 170-183. (pdf)

Cox, K., Grinter, R.E., Hibino, S., Jagadeesan, L., and Mantilla, D. (2001). “A Multi-Modal Natural Language Interface to an Information Visualization Environment,” International Journal of Speech Technology, 4(3), 297-314. (pdf)

Mockus, A., Hibino, S. and Graves, T. (2000). “A Web-Based Approach to Interactive Visualization in Context,” Advanced Visual Interfaces 2000 (AVI’2000) Conference Proceedings. NY: ACM Press, 181-188. (pdf)

Hibino, S. (1999). “Information Visualization: A Taxonomy of User Tasks,” Computing Science and Statistics (Interface’99 Conference Proceedings). Fairfax Station, VA: Interface Foundation of North America, Inc, 131-138. (pdf)

Hibino, S. (1999). “Task Analysis for Information Visualization,” Visual Information and Information Systems: Third International Conference, VISUAL’99. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 139-146. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1998a). “Comparing MMVIS to a Timeline for Temporal Trend Analysis of Video Data,” Advanced Visual Interfaces 1998 (AVI’98) Conference Proceedings. NY: ACM Press, 195-204. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1998b). “Processing Incremental Multidimensional Range Queries in a Direct Manipulation Visual Query Environment,” 1998 International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE’98) Conference Proceedings. Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society, 458-465. (pdf)

Hibino, S.  (1997).  MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking.  University of Michigan Computer Science and Engineering PhD dissertation.  (See thesis description in html format.)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1997a). “User Interface Evaluation of a Direct Manipulation Temporal Visual Query Language,” ACM Multimedia’97 Conference Proceedings. NY: ACM Press, 99-107. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1997b). “Interactive Visualizations for Temporal Analysis: Application to CSCW Multimedia Data.” In Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval (Mark Maybury, Ed.). Boston, MA: MIT Press, 313-335. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1996a). “MMVIS: Design and Implementation of a MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking Environment.” ACM Multimedia’96 Conference Proceedings,NY: ACM Press, 75-86. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1996b). “A Visual Multimedia Query Language for Temporal Analysis of Video Data.” In Multimedia Database Systems: Design and Implementation Strategies (K. Nwosu, B. Thuraisingham, and P.B. Berra, Eds.). Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 123-159. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1995) “A Visual Query Language for Identifying Temporal Trends in Video Data,” International Workshop on Multi-Media Data Base Management Systems (IW-MMDBMS’95). IEEE Computer Press, 74-81. (pdf)

Hibino, S. and Rundensteiner, E.A. (1995) “Interactive Visualizations for Exploration and Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Video Data,” IJCAI’95 workshop, Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval, Montreal, Quebec, Aug. 1995.

Coffin, E.A., Silverio, G. and Hibino, S. (1994). “Mexico Vivo: A Foreign Language Multimedia Application.” Educators’ TECH Exchange, Fall 1994.

Hibino, S. and Coffin, E. (1994). “The Learner’s Partner: Foreign Language Learning and Real World Encounters.” In Brower-Janse, M.D. & Harrington, T.L. (Eds.) Human-Machine Communication for Educational Systems Design. New York: Springer-Verlag.

Hibino, S. and Brade, K. (1991) “A Case Study for Developing Hypermedia Software,” Proceedings of the National Educational Computing Conference. Phoenix, AZ: International Society for Technology in Education, 336-340.

Short Papers, Poster Presentations, Formal Demos, etc.

Cox, K., Grinter, R.E., Hibino, S., Jagadeesan, L. and Mantilla, D. (2000). “Using Dialog and Context in a Speech-Based Interface for an Information Visualization Environment,” Advanced Visual Interfaces 2000 (AVI’2000) Conference Proceedings. (Poster presentation.) NY: ACM Press, 274-275. (pdf)

Cox, K., Hibino, S., Hong, L., Mockus, A., and Wills, G. (1999). “InfoStill: A Task-Oriented Framework for Analyzing Data Through Information Visualization,” IEEE Information Visualization Symposium 1999, Late Breaking Hot Topics, 19-22. (pdf)

Hibino, S. (1999). “A Task-Oriented View of Information Visualization,” CHI’99 Extended Abstracts, Late-Breaking Paper, 178-179. (pdf)

Hibino, S. (1996). “Reflections on the CHI’96 Doctoral Consortium,” SIGCHI Bulletin, 28(4). (pdf)

Hibino, S., and Rundensteiner, E. A. (1996). “MMVIS: A MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking Environment for Video Analysis,” CHI’96 Conference Companion, Formal Demonstration Summary.  (pdf)

Hibino, S. (1996). “Extending and Evaluating Visual Information Seeking for Video Data,” CHI’96 Conference Companion, CHI’96 Doctoral Consortium, 1996. (pdf)

Buchanan, D. and Hibino, S. (1996). “A Voice in the Silence: A Constructive Hypermedia Application,” demonstration for Hypertext’96.

Hibino, S. and Silverio, G. (1995). “El Espejo Enterrado Applications: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Language, History, and Culture,” Proceedings of the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO’95), 75-79.

Hibino, S. (1994). “Using Video Annotation for Video Analysis,” Workshop on Analyzing and Communicating Usability Data, Computer Human Interactions Conference. Boston, MA. April 24-25.

Hibino, S. (1993). Poster Session: “The Learner’s Partner: Foreign Language Learning and Real World Encounters,” NATO Advanced Study Institute (NATO ASI): Basics of Man-Machine Communication for the Design of Educational Systems, August 16-26, 1993, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Hibino, S. and G. Silverio. (1993) “Lighting a Spark for Foreign Language Learning.” Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning Conference, Detroit, MI. March 12.

Hibino, S. (1992) “Using Templates for End-User Programming.” End-User Programming Languages Workshop, Computer Human Interactions Conference. Monterey, CA. May 3-5.

Hibino, S., Brade, K., Zinn, F., and J. Kliger. (1991) “They Told Me It Would Be a Piece of Cake.” Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning Conference, Detroit, MI. March 21.

Honors and Awards

  • Coolest App Award, iOSDevCamp 2013 for “The Claw” (with Mark Chen, Michael Wang, Jun Chen, Powen Ko, and Shawn Jackson) – open source game that employs multiple accessibility options to control a real robotic arm: voice input, face detection and mind control
  • Sacrifice to the Demo Gods Award, iOSDevCamp 2012 for “Chicken Dance” (with Anna Billstrom) – iOS app to capture video and song to create a random 7-second mash-up. Users can also create a gallery page and share it with friends
  • Third Place, Google Technology Users’ Group (GTUG) Campout 2010, for HTML5 Concentration meets Tetris game (with Estelle Wyle, David Gregory, JeanCarl Bisson, Siamak Ashrafi, et al)
  • Best Social Game Award, iOSDevCamp 2010 for SocialPong (with Anna Billstrom)
  • New Developer Award, iPadDevCamp 2010 for DicePad (with Anna Billstrom)
  • EDUCOM’93 Higher Education Software Award: Best Curriculum Innovation in the Humanities, for Mexico Vivo Teacher’s Partner and Learner’s Partner applications, October, 1993 (co-recipient with Edna A. Coffin and Gonzalo Silverio)
  • University of Michigan Rackham Merit Fellowship, 1989-94
  • University of Michigan School of Education Dean’s Merit Fellowship, 1989-90 acad. year
  • Member and Officer of Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical Engineering Honor Society, UC Berkeley chapter