I Love My Eye-Fi (Kodak Blog, March 9, 2009)

NOTE: This is a “reprint” of my blog post to Kodak’s previous “A Thousand Words” blog.

You would think that since I work for Kodak, I would be very diligent about archiving, sharing and organizing my digital photos. I wish I could say that I am that organized, but the truth of the matter is that it is easy to get distracted by other things and to put off transferring, organizing and sharing until some later time. After all, the two gigabyte memory card in my camera gives me plenty of storage to just keep on shooting those special moments. Thank goodness for Eye-Fi! Eye-Fi has rescued me from my disorganized self.

I heart eyefi

What is this Eye-Fi thing you ask? An Eye-Fi card is an SD memory card with built-in Wi-Fi. You configure wireless and transfer settings for your Eye-Fi card on your computer and then use the card just like you would any other SD memory card in your digital camera. The magic behind Eye-Fi is that it will transfer your pictures directly from your camera to destination(s) that you specify. If you have good wireless connectivity, your pictures will actually be uploaded right after you capture them!

There are a few different variations of the product available: Eye-Fi Home, Share, and Explore. I have the Eye-Fi Share version which lets me upload pictures to my computer as well as to one or more online services of my choosing (e.g., photo sharing, blogging or social networking services). Kodak Gallery is one of the available destinations, so I have my Eye-Fi configured to upload directly to my computer and to Kodak Gallery. By default, Eye-Fi even organizes my pictures into folders labeled by the date on which they were captured. This organization by date is used on my computer and on Kodak Gallery – very convenient!

For example, this past weekend, I sewed some pillow cushion covers for a couch (just the square back cushions, not the whole couch!):


I even managed to sew a zipper into the bottom of each pillow (and I’ve never sewn zippers into anything before):


This is exactly the type of project that I would typically document with my camera but then not do anything with the pictures until the next time I got around to transferring the pictures from my camera to my computer. With Eye-Fi, I can take the pictures and by the time I walk back to my computer, they’re already there. Presto! The magic of Eye-Fi!

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