Education & Learning

Having spent many years on my formal education, I was nearly considered a professional student by my family. As a professional, I believe continued learning and professional development are critical to professional awareness and growth. Every year, I learn something new, whether it be through formal training by taking classes, workshops or attending conferences, or through DIY training on my own. Some of my recent DIY and formal training is summarized here.

DIY Training

3D Printing and Modeling: The art of 3D printing requires a lot of learning and patience. I’ve used MakerBot and MakerGear printers and also have had models printed on medium fidelity 3D printers (Eden, ObjetPro) as well as working with a model shop for product-quality appearance models. I purchased and assembled a Prusa i3 MK3 in August 2018 and am currently using it as my main 3D printer. In terms of 3D modeling software, I have used and learned a little bit of Rhino and Fusion 360, and am currently using SketchUp.

Home CNC: I backed the StepCraft 2 on Kickstarter and since then have used my home CNC for vinyl cutting, CNC’ing acrylic and wood. I’m still learning the basics, but managed to CNC some name tags for my nieces and nephews one Christmas.

Software / Hardware Development: New software and hardware tools are emerging at an ever rapid pace, and I believe it’s important to continue hands-on development for deeper understanding. Some ¬†services and SDK’s I have worked with include: (for creating a Voice UI) and Android Wear. On the hardware side, I have used numerous varieties of Arduino micro-controllers and test and use various sensors on an ongoing basis.

Recent Courses

  • Google 1-Day Design Sprint Workshop, July 2016
  • UC Berkeley College of Engineering: Engineering Leadership Professional Program, Spring 2015
  • Scrum Alliance course and Scrum Master Certification, Spring 2013

Formal Education

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

PhD Computer Science and Engineering, August 1997

Thesis: MultiMedia Visual Information Seeking (MMVIS): An interactive information visualization approach to analyzing temporal relationship trends in data such as video. MMVIS integrates a temporal visual query language (TVQL) with an abstract temporal visualization (TViz) of results.

MS Education and Computer Science, May 1991

University of California, Berkeley

BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, May 1987