DIY Projects

DIY and making things are in my blood. Here are some of my DIY projects.


Home Remodeling

Our house was built in 1959 and many decades were frozen in time throughout the house when we bought it. We embarked on a major home remodeling effort, which took several years, as we did much of the work ourselves. We had a family friend help with framing, but we installed our own roof, heating, electrical, bathrooms, and kitchen, and then transformed our backyard from a mud pit to a picture from Sunset magazine. We recently transformed our front yard to be more water wise -- removing all of the grass and creating a personal park and outdoor living space. A picture of our backyard and front yard are below. More pictures will be posted soon.

Backyard in the Spring

Front yard redo

In addition to home remodeling, I am always tinkering and doing various crafts. Some examples can be found through my Kodak Thousand Words blog posts, which I have archived on my blog, as they are no longer available on the Kodak website: